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Yes – And We Can Maximize their Potential!    

Picture your child…

INSPIRED to practice with excellent methods


DETERMINED to never give up when something is difficult


DISCIPLINED to work through new challenges


IMAGINATIVE and able to make creative choices that appeal to others


EXPRESSIVE with their feelings, effectively connecting with others


CONFIDENT to embrace public performances with new skills

Imagine your child saying…

It’s so much fun & I’m not bored.

I am learning so much & getting such great tips.

I learned to use my imagination in my first lesson.

I can express my feelings as I play.

I’m excited about my pieces.

I want to practice more now.

The hard parts are getting easier.

I don’t want to quit anymore.

I am more patient. It takes time to get better at something.

My teacher is so kind and patient.

Victoria believes in me and I‘m not afraid to perform.

piano lessons for kids

Victoria Gomon maintains an active teaching studio. Her dedication to sharing her passion for music with her students & inspiring them to achieve the utmost in their studies is the driving force behind her teaching methodology. With more than 25 years of experience, she has successfully taught students of all levels & ages, from young children to older adults & her students routinely take top marks & prizes at local festivals, exams & competitions. She maintains her private teaching studio while also being on the faculty of the Vancouver Symphony School of Music.

Wherever you are in the world, you can learn from Victoria. She offers private in-person lessons to students residing throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and also offers all students the convenience of online lessons.


It’s about more than just learning to play the piano…

It’s all about learning the skills you need to Win in Life!


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